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OLD-COMPUTERS.COM Museum ~ Kaypro PC & 286i
. if they desired. Spec. board is for the 286i version - Thanks to Dennis for the pictures. . us most of the time. Our stores would shut down by January of 1986.

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Apple II History » 12-The Apple II Abroad / Clones
Jul 11, 1994 . Franklin Ace 100, Photo credit: . the company had also released two IBM PC clones between 1986 and 1988, the company .

eco-officiency, Recycling Resources, Donation Resources, Offices ...
A Boulder, Colorado based organization that collects used computers and allows . Since 1986, a group of runners in Boulder, Colorado, has collected, washed and . Send your old trophies and plaques to Creative Images to be refurbished .

Detectors-Gas and Leak pictures of old computers 1986 With Lcd Display - Discontinued
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Commodore 64/128 Old Computer Chess Game Collection - Cyrus II
Commodore 64/128 Cyrus II (1986). “CYRUS II” Logo. CYRUS II - THE Grand . Picture taken from “CYRUS II” Box cover (front). Information. Commodore 64/128 .

A History of Virulence: The Body and Computer Culture in the 1980s ...
Oct 18, 2010 . From viral marketing to computer viruses, the cultural logic of virality permeates the Web. . in an old promotional press photo that is precisely a testimony of the . The 1986 'Hacker Manifesto' (The Mentor, 1986) effectively .

Computer Power Supplies - How To Information |
Analog computers, used mainly between 1950 and 1980, perform calculations . The invention of digital technology to make clearer pictures on computer . Founded in 1986, Antec Inc. manufactures computer components and accessories…

Computer Crime
old crimes. When lay people hear the words "computer crime", they often think of obscene pictures available on the Internet, or solicitation of children for sex by .

The Retrocomputing Museum
An implementation of the MIX pseudoassembler used for algorithm description in Donald E. Knuth's The Art Of Computer Programming , vol I. This preliminary .

Amateur Radio at W5JGV
More to come as I dig up the pictures! . Here's a good use for those old computer power supplies - build a low voltage, high . Spare Parts list and prices (1986) .

History of Computer Input Devices timeline | Timetoast timelines
View the ' History of Computer Input Devices' timeline, create your own timeline or just . The first joystick was used to fly a plane, Today they are commonly used in video games. . The purpose of this object is to scan documents, pictures, and ect. . 01/01/1986, Digital Camera, Kodak invented the first digital camera.

Pixar Animation Studios -- Company History
1986: Lucas spins off Pixar computer graphics unit, which is bought and incorporated . The Pixar was then used to develop high-tech graphics and animation . Pixar's software constructed high-resolution, three-dimensional color images of .

Personal Computing in the 1970s & 80s - a set on Flickr
Jan 8, 2010 . Another one of my collecting interests is old computers. . 1.0 advertisement in Byte Magazine, January 1986 | Project 365/2010 . The day before last, I uploaded a picture of the Blue Screen of Death, which is a screen that.

Computers, long used to generate and manipulate images of idealized objects, are now being used to create and manipulate . Published: September 2, 1986 .

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80s Old Retro Computers at - commodore ...
Computers Of The Eighties at - 80s computers and 8-bit computers. . Photo: Commodore 1530 C2N Datasette . The Sinclair brand and Spectrum range were bought out by Amstrad in 1986, and this saw the release of the .

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Alien Breed Tower Assault - PC - Old Games
Old Games - Ultimate Abandonware Place. . Choose Year, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 . P Pictures Reviews Attachments . Amiga Tower Assault requires an Amiga computer with at least one megabyte of .

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An Historical Timeline of Computer Graphics and Animation
Edison and Dickson design Kinetoscope - (motion pictures from successive . the 1st computer generated 30 second commercial used for Super Bowl ( Brilliance) . Turner Whitted receives the 1986 ACM SIGGRAPH CG Achievement Award .

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Detector Electronics Corporation

Teletype, I don't know the model of the first computer I used, in about 1979, but it had a teletype interface. . Still on my mission in 1986 I helped to automate the mission office using an IBM PC. We used . Instead of pictures, I'll just give the list .

Apple II computer
The Apple II, or Apple ][, became one of the most popular computers ever. Although . 1986: April - Apple Computer discontinues the original Macintosh and the .