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IP Country Codes - Geo-targeting IP Address to Country
It uses the IP mapping technology that identifies a visitor's geographical region by . This Country Codes list states the country names (official short names in .

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ISO - Maintenance Agency for ISO 3166 country codes - ISO 3166-1 ...
ISO 3166-1 decoding table · Lists of country names and code elements . allocating IP address space, assigning protocol parameters, and managing the root .

RelayCountryPlugin - Spamassassin Wiki
May 25, 2011 . A list of 2-letter ISO 3166 country codes can be found from . As of writing, the latest version of IP::Country::Fast is almost two years old, .

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The TCP/IP Guide - DNS Geopolitical (Country Code) Top Level ...
If you like The TCP/IP Guide, please consider the download version. . When a country is recognized by the ISO and a code assigned to it on this list, IANA .

Module for Country/Country Codes Lists - PERL Beginners
To do so we need a module that returns a country list. . a user visits my website, I need to get his/her IP address and thus know the country he/she. . It has a fairly comprehensive list of country codes as well as top-level .

Capture user IP, location and referring URL | iamseo
Oct 5, 2011 . IP); // Reformat the data returned (Keep only country and country abbr. list ($ _country) = explode ("n", $country); $_country . style="display:none" /> // this was created in the country code above, so we can call it here also .

Iso3166 on geoPlugin. The only free geolocation webmaster resource
Please note that “EU” and “AP” codes are only used when a specific country . Blocking or re-directing by “EU” or “AP” will only affect a small portion of IP addresses. Instead, you should list the countries you want to block/re-direct individually.

Use 'all' to target all country codes. Use -l to see a list. -n NUM Exits after NUM IPs have been generated. Unique or repeating: -u, –unique Return each IP in the .

Geo::IP::PurePerl -
NAME ^. Geo::IP::PurePerl - Look up country by IP Address . Returns the ISO 3166 country code for an IP address. $code . MAILING LISTS AND CVS ^ .

find county using ip address | DaniWeb
{ echo 'Invalid IP, please try again'; } else {. print $url; echo $ip ?> bu this code i get ip address but i need the country name aslo with this ip address. is thers any .

Country drop down list with php function |
Aug 18, 2011 . You just need to store the country code in the database then call the function . ( unless you do proper ip-country detection) or on top of your list.

How to Block Visitors from Certain Countries—Block IPs from China ...
Feb 25, 2012 . Do you want to update your IP country table all the time? . etc. (huge list of IP addresses or ranges) . Here is the list of internet country codes.

If the concept of iso-country-codes does not ring a bell for you, "Dr. Jørgen Mash" . If you just want me to remove an IP address from the list/zone, THEN DON'T .

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Getting country , city name from IP address in PHP
Jul 17, 2008 . I've used the API from to fetch the country name , city name and country code from the given IP address. I've mad this function in .

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ActiveTarget - IP Address To Country, IP Geo ASP Component
ActiveTarget is an ActiveX DLL component for ASP that allows you to easily lookup the country code/name by IP address. It can be used to track website visitors .

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About Members of the Madrid system
List of Members [PDF]; Information concerning National or Regional Procedures Before IP Offices under the Madrid System · Declarations made . Survey of Office Practices on Replacement; Two-Letter Country Code (Standard ST.3) [PDF ] .

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IP to ASN Mapping - Team Cymru
The country code, registry, and allocation date are all based on data obtained . The netcat interface should be used for large groups of IP lists at a time in one .

Country Code
Your Ip Address: from United States Country Flag United States [ Not in Public Proxy List or You surfing behind Anonymous Server ] Host Address: .