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Q of ferrite-rod inductors & contra wound coils, applied to crystal ...
Oct 7, 2006 . About Maximizing the Q of solenoid inductors that use ferrite rod cores, including charts of magnetic flux density and flux lines, with some actual .

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Usually, the ferrite rod is secured by wax or some other to soft material to its mountings and to the coil. . Be careful not to break any of the wires on the coil, however! . A loop must be constructed with an inductance that will resonate with the .

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Usually, it is convenient to use a rod of ferrite material and wind a coil around a . (or even much less than one Ohm) in series with a significant inductance.

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The right hand curl rule for solenoids, and typical inductor applications, . line of the coil and this produces a magnetic field with a north and a south pole. . use internal antennas that have a number of inductors wound around a ferrite rod.

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CWS Coil Winding Specialist - Manufacturer of transformers, inductors coils and chokes. Custom winding, EMI / RFI Filters, Antenna Windings on ferrite rod, .

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I found an old inductor coil in a ferrite rod and I noticed that there are 4 ends. I dont get it. Isnt this suppose to be 2? All the inductors have two .

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Apr 17, 2010 . 10 feet below the top hat is another ferrite rod column with 84 mhy of inductance. Both the "L" at the antenna and the will be all air coils when I .

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The rod must also be secured inside the choke coils, if it moves, even a little, the inductance will change radically. One might ask, " does the ferrite heat up?

coils. 100 turns or so will produce a maximum inductance of 5 or 6mH which can be tuned by sliding the coil around the ferrite rod. Large air-core coils .

Inductors are just coils of wires and are commonly used in filter circuits. . Inductors are usually wound on ferrite rods which give a reasonably large inductance .

By winding 1540 turns on the ferrite rod in several pies, an inductance of more than 100 millineries was obtained with the low distributed capacitance of around .

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Ferrite-rod aerial definition at, a free online dictionary with . a small coil of wire mounted on a ferrite core, the coil serving as a tuning inductance .

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scrap ferrite rod the inductance increased to close to the original value. I also could have added more turns of wire to the coil to increase the inductance back to .

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Ferrite Core Coils / Inductors / Chokes · Ferrite Core Rod / Bead Inductors . is a premier manufacturers of high quality ferrite core coils, inductors and chokes.

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Technology Gas Alert Micro 5 PID coil inductance ferrite rod Features & Applications: BW Technology Gas Alert Micro 5 PID portable gas detector
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The extra amount of ferrite rod will increase the inductance, and sliding the coilform off the end will counter this. Once you get a peak, try a weaker station.

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Feb 6, 2006 . Considerably interesting are the Small coils wound on Ferrite cores. 1) Is a PQ Core, . This coil has an Inductance of 312.6 uH. Free Air .